It was great how the year ahead reading was broken down into 3 digestible sections, you also offered way more than this, for example, the message from my highest self & advice from my angles which was super valuable. I have so much more clarity on where I’m going. This reading was such a reminder to chill & enjoy the ride like you said the unknown is scary AF but it's getting me closer to where I desire to be. You called me out on where I needed it the most & I truly appreciate it. Your authenticity shines & I love that about you, during the reading you said your way of doing things it’s to cut out the BS & get right to the problem! Heck yes that’s where it’s at, & that’s exactly what I got, & I wouldn’t want to change it for a thing. Honestly, it’s been the best reading I’ve ever had & a 10/10 for me!


So incredibly awed by my reading with Taylor! Right away she was able to identify things within myself that I had not revealed to anyone before. She truly helped to illuminate my current trajectory, as well as provide guidance as to how to change it. I didn't know what to expect in my first reading, but it was such a good feeling to leave with a sense of clarity and direction that I didn't have before. Taylor truly has a gift and it was an absolute pleasure getting to trust her with my reading.

Rae Chartier

Since my session with Taylor I have had SO many synchronicities. There was one thing in particular that Taylor mentioned & is totally helping me shift in my business & GIVING MYSELF ACTUAL FREE TIME! It sounds so simple but as a new business owner I was blending my time with my work. She got straight to the point & she was super on point with how my guides communicate with me. She’s amazing & I highly recommend!


I have been going to Taylor for readings for the past year & it has completely changed & opened my mind to a lot of possibility. She’s super real & straight forward, but with compassion and a desire to help guide her clients through the best possible outcomes of any situation — good, bad, ugly, you name it. It has seriously changed my life & I will continue to seek readings, holistic healing, & guidance through Taylor!

Bri Caronchi

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Taylor. Her readings are SPOT ON (I won’t get into detail because it’s private). I felt like I’ve known her for ages after just meeting her. Her crystal selection is amazing and enchanting all at once and she will recommend what you need if you are unsure. What a kind soul and an amazing apothecary. I 1000000% recommend Taylor for spiritual guidance.

Lauren Pelc

I had a tarot reading with Taylor that was both insightful and helpful. She has a true gift that has developed at such an early age which is even more impressive! She is highly intuitive, extremely helpful and patient with answering any and all questions you may have. She has also found time to use her gift and platform to help other spiritual seekers better understand their own journey which is something I look forward to seeing on my timeline daily. Thank you Taylor! I look forward to our next reading together!

Kyleigh Meler

The most beautiful shop and Taylor is the most incredible tarot reader. I’ve been getting readings from her consistently for about 6 months now. She tells it like it is while also giving advice in moving forward. I feel like she is my therapist sometimes! everything she says highly resonates with me every time.

Amanda Barber

Today I had my first ever reading done and also picked up some of my first crystals. The shop is so beautiful and feels so homey - I didn’t want to leave and I can’t wait to go back. Taylor made me feel relaxed during the reading while also being real. She even let me in before she opened as I was leaving BeautyBox. I totally recommend going to visit her if you are in the area!

Taylor Palma

I had my first (ever) reading today and it was such a cool experience! I wasn’t sure what to expect but Taylor was great! Her shop is so relaxing and full of beautiful crystals! Whether you have had a reading before or are looking to experience your first.. I highly recommend checking out Taylor Marie Tarot! I will definitely be back 😌 thanks again!

Marissa Erickson

I'm so happy to have a metaphysical shop more local to me! Usually we are making the hike past Cleveland for our supplies. This is the cutest little spot for all of your manifesting essentials. Taylor (the owner) is super knowledgeable & friendly. She makes you feel welcomed & has the best vibes! Her shop is stocked with beautiful crystals, incense, tarot decks, books, jewelry, bath bombs & so much more. There is also a DIY "spell bar" where you can make your own intention bath salts. She also offers tarot readings (in person or via zoom). You can book an appointment through her website for a reading or personal shopping experience. I have a feeling I will be visiting her shop many more times in the future. It's a must visit!

Amanda M.