hi babe,

Let me introduce myself – my name is Tay. I have been connected to the other side & all things mystifying since I was a little girl. Somewhere along my journey, I closed the door & began a life full of accomplishments that never seemed fulfilling. I graduated high school with an associate degree, graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, & about 3 months into my career started asking: β€œIs this it?”

During college, I picked up the art of reading tarot cards. I began by learning each card & journaling my experiences for a year with daily pulls. Next came the slow incorporation of readings for friends & family. As I became more comfortable with my connection to The Divine & reading for others, my portal to the other side jolted me with an intuition, I believe in, to my core.

There is so much love that, The Divine, Source, β€˜other side’, & light beings, want you to be made aware of. The Universe has put obstacles in your way to help you expand & raise your vibration. How can I help you work with the current situations, questions, or unknowing for your greatest & highest good? I have found tremendous purpose in using my gifts to help others & hope to work more closely with you soon.

xoxo, tay

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